I am convinced that things will change.

But Boateng’s answer: “I do not talk about these things, I do not like. Mark in the “Clasico”? Maybe…”. announcement – In the evening came the announcement dela Barcelona: “Enjoy Prince”.

Tuesday morning Boateng will sign the contract with the Blaugrana, then the usual photos to the Camp Nou and the 13 press conference at the stadium belly. On the site of Sassuolo were then explained the terms of the agreement: emptive rights in favor of Barcelona for the definitive acquisition of the player for the amount of EUR 8 million euro. Gasport

March 18, 2019 – Milan The exultation of Marusic after the goal. Getty to Inter Milan, still dreaming of the Champions League. Adam Marusic came back to score in the league 301 days after the last time.

The card, in Serie A, had stamped the last time last May 20, the last day of the season. The Lazio hosting Inter at the Olimpico and Marusic scored the first goal of a match that cost the Biancocelesti, defeated 2-3, qualifying for the Champions League. Sunday is finally back to score after some physical ailments (back and ankle gave him a long bothered) and much criticism.

In May the Lazio contendeva fourth place with Inter, now, thanks to his goal that put down the match with Parma, the Biancocelesti aim to regain Milan: “This year we all hope to take revenge for regarding the Champions League, “he said yesterday after the game. VIDEOS OF JOURNAL TV REVIVAL – In its first 19 seasonal appearances in the league Marusic had disappointed tremendously.

In Rome ironizzavano fans that were more yellow cards (two) or expulsion (a) it took no assists and goals scored (zero). In January, the square has clamored for the purchase of a right fielder who could take his place, but the company continued to believe in Marusic. In the last market day then it arrived Romulo, but only because it was the party Caceres and neither Patric nor Marusic gave the same physical collateral.

No one in the company has ever doubted his qualities. And yesterday he unlocked a difficult game, making it surprisingly easy: “For me the arrival of Romulo is good, pushes me to do better and to work more and more.” The Marusic goal at Parma, in fact, is not accidental: in Florence already had close to scoring, and in recent weeks the Montenegrin you are showing more and more on the ball. 1xbet poker In the locker room of Lazio all hoping to take the Champions rematch.

For Marusic would also be a personal revenge. Elmar Bergonzini  @ elmarbergo

August 7, 2016 – Rio de Janeiro (Bra) “Tonight I removed a weight from now on I tufferò lighter”. These are the first words of Tania Cagnotto, shortly after winning his first Olympic medal – the first ever for the women’s diving – in tandem with Francesco Dallapè in the three-meter springboard synchro. “I had a choked up in and now it’s gone, but it was worth it ..”. Rio 2016: Cagnotto and Dellapè is silver show finally – finally, Tania.

There was all Italy to dive with her tonight. He had pushed, fished and collected even four years ago, after those cruel fourth places in London. Now all they dreamed to put a medal around his neck.

And although it is a silver, in the hearts of many fans is a gold elegance, grace and gratitude. Finally, at age 31, the Bolzano, which for many years has shaken off the label “of” daughter, can smile without melancholy. In 16 years, since the first Olympics in Sydney, he has put thousands of dives gave her well-10 World Championship medals, including one gold won just last year in Kazan, and 29 European.

Now there is the most beautiful and well-deserved award. Not bad for “the old ladies of the dips,” as he likes to define together with the thirty year old Francesca also join as a witness before the altar in September when the island of Elba definitely turn the page. Unique wedding, probably, to say that the anxiety of the wedding is just a joyful plunge from the rocks.

THE MOTHER – From Bolzano rejoices mother Carmen, who is also a past as a diver: “Tania just finished the race has sent a voice message and he said to me, Mami you fainted ?. I said no. I’m really happy for all two finally this medal is the result of their hard work and intense. At one point I feared that Tania mistaken and risked compromising this fantastic medal. ” Gasport

December 4, 2018 – Milan Roberto Mancini, coach of the national team. LaPresse “It will be a game in which you face two great teams, full of important players”. So c.t.

National Roberto Mancini for a few days from Juventus-Inter, ahead of the next round of Serie A: “Icardi and Ronaldo are the ones who can resolve it and probably will not. For me it is open to any result, Juve is going great but Inter is growing. ” In case of defeat of Inter, the championship would be even more closed, but Napoli beat a blow with a 2-1 in Bergamo against Atalanta: “He made a great game on a difficult pitch, the championship is long and there are still many points to play for. ” National, Euro2020 draw, Mancini: “Now we have to win as much as possible” Modric And Zaniolo – The Ballon d’Or was awarded to Real Madrid midfielder Luka Modric, finalist for Croatia in Russia 2018. “I think it was an assignment correct, won the Champions League and he played a great World Cup – said the coach of the Azzurri – a logical and right choice after all these years that have alternated Ronaldo and Messi. ” Finally a joke about Zaniolo, of which he had already spoken on Monday, in the aftermath of Roma-Inter discussed episodes: “I have believed from the beginning because I had seen him play and he impressed me: he has great qualities and I am left-handed, so I got to know him better.

It has to gain experience and improve to become a very good midfielder. ” blue – So finally on the National and the blue future: “I do not work to prepare an Italy competitive at the World Cup in Qatar: we must be ready for Europeans, and go there to win,” said c.t. I think the only way is to focus on young people.

We did not star players we had in Italy for decades and then the road is bringing on the younger guys that have quality but have yet to experience. “Young and not only, for example in the championship Fabio Quagliarella flies to the sound of goals” we have embarked on the path of young people, but we also have experienced players in our national team. Quagliarella I respect him a lot, I have often wanted to in the past in clubs when she was younger.

If we get the European Championship and he will be the top scorer in Serie A, we could make more speeches. We create so much and produce little but I believe there is also a component of bad luck. I am convinced that things will change. “Gasport

February 7, 2019 – Milan View this post on Instagram The aftermath of our crashes from yesterday. Can? T wait to see what color they turn tomorrow! #youshouldseetheotherguy A post shared by L I N D S E Y? V O N N (@lindseyvonn) date: February 6, 2019 at 5:06 PT The rivals are now trying (for the second time) downhill in Are, Lindsey has more to think about.

After a bad fall in the Super G that opened the World Ski Championships underway in Sweden, Vonn will try to recover to run the race farewell, scheduled for Sunday at 12:30. In tears the day of the fall, the American champion now has the strength to joke about it. “The consequences of our yesterday’s accident.

I can not wait to see what color they turn tomorrow!” Vonn wrote on social showing his smiling face but bruised buttock next to the teammate Laurenne Ross, this one covered with bruises after the fall race. Skiing, Lindsey Vonn relaxes between tub and bruises … Gasport

March 7, 2019 – Naples, rewinding the tape of history (almost) 250 years, we find that from Salzburg to Naples travels a certain Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who at just 14 years falls in love with the city of Partenope: “Beautiful, full of people like Vienna and Paris. And I do not know if Napoli does not get the better even of London. ” He writes in May 1770 14 year old Mozart, already famous because he has performed before the Queen of Austria, Maria Teresa.

In fact, the eighteenth-century Naples is one of the most vibrant cities in the world, including cultural and musical profile. On the evening of May 18 Mozart – who stay for less than 6 weeks – I have received the British ambassador in Naples, Sir Hamilton.

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