Notebook for the week of January 26 to 31, 2016 – Strike (s) – Bac pro – Controversy and rumors – Butinages – Strike, Bacs pros, controversies and rumors are in this notebook menu.

Notebook for the week of January 26 to 31, 2016 – Strike (s) – Bac pro – Controversy and rumors – Butinages – Strike, Bacs pros, controversies and rumors are in this notebook menu. Tuesday, January 26 it was strike day (s), and the subjects were many and could pose a claim readability problem. This week we also celebrated 30 years of pro tray and on this occasion the Minister made some ads for vocational i do your homework
education. A minister in the eye of the storm with a media controversy and rumors surrounding the next government reshuffle. Strike (s) Tuesday, January 26, it was strike day … In the civil service the call of several unions and the National Education. For the latter it was with words of multiple orders: for salaries (in the primary) and also against the college reform (in the secondary). According to figures from the Ministry of Education, about 11% of teachers at all levels, observed the strike call. The mobilization is stronger in college (22.3% college professors) at elementary or high school. These figures are significantly lower than estimated trade unions (33% in primary, 50% in colleges). For salaries of the civil service, an article in L’Observateur reveals that representatives of the FSU, the CFDT and UNSA have not called for action because the principle of a salary increase was already been accepted by the government in September but this did not prevent the member unions of the FSU (SNUipp, SNES, …) to mobilize for wages. In the primary, the principle of increasing the ISAE (premium to teachers of schools) was also officially recorded. As for college, this is the fourth time that the Inter calls a strike on the matter after May, June and September 2015. It was during the first mobilization that participation was the highest ( 27.6% according to the ministry, twice the unions). We find in the comments uphill quarrel counts between the unions and the Ministry. Some calculate the proportion of strikers from potentially present people that day and others from all staff. There would be a way to get everyone to agree is to be based on the number of people who were removed a day working on their paychecks. But then, it would take a month! But beyond the numbers the real question of course is that the opinions of teachers and their state of mind with regard to the reform and more generally the policy is conducted. As written Mattea Battaglia in Le Monde "Can we carry out by way of collaboration, the enthusiasm of the first question? ". Beyond the single issue of how it is the challenge of the next few weeks and training that continue to unfold in preparation for re-entry in 2016 Bac Pro Bac pro celebrates 30 years tell us the ministry and too rare items . Claude Lelievre reminds us in his blog Mediapart it’s May 22, 1985, during the TV show ” Let France, ” Prime Minister Laurent Fabius announced that the government was preparing "a law-five-year program for technical education. " The Prime Minister stated that this law will create new schools, "vocational schools" and the establishment of a new Bachelor, "professional bachelor". The program law also provided for "the 50% increase in the number of university institutes of technology (IUT) and the creation of several universities of technology." But why commemorate the creation of pro bins in January? Claude Lelievre provides the answer: the decision was made four months earlier in January 1985. Thirty years later, where are we? With 700,000 students and nearly 1,700 schools, the vocational route provides an annual three bachelor. It is also, like the ministry said, a "way of success": 80% success in professional baccalaureate and 27% of professional bachelors in employment 3 months after the tray. But this anniversary was also and above all an opportunity for the Minister to make announcements. This is the case with the creation of 500 new training "in areas identified as carriers for young people", based on the study of France Strategy "The trades in 2022" as well as on studies produced by regions. These courses will begin in 2017 returned, "the time to make the necessary recruitment of specialist teachers in these areas," the ministry said. Another ad from the 2016 school year, students in second pro (1600 schools) will receive a week of preparation before their first internship. This is both to explain "what the business world expects them" and educate "health and safety rules required." But the main announcement is the creation of a trial in vocational second. "Starting from the back in 2016 students will have the opportunity to change direction to the Thanksgiving holiday." In fact a new orientation tour on Affelnet will take place at that time and class councils will validate the request reorientation that every young. The Pedagogical Cafe reports that the announcement met various movements among principals in the room during the intervention of the Minister … With this measure whose implementation may be complex, the ministry intends to make the vocational education "the universe of possibilities and not a closed corridor." And a positive choice rather than a forced choice. Controversy and rumors Although it does not directly concern education, the week was also marked by the departure of Christiane Taubira government. But this will not prevent Hollande to make a real shuffle about February 8, said an article in the Obs. The journalist Ghislaine Ottenheimer engages in short game predictions "second goal of the redesign: rebalance the government after the departure of Christiane Taubira. We must recreate a Madonna left. Najat Vallaud-Belkacem should be promoted to number 3 or 4 of the Government. With an expanded portfolio, bringing together all the themes of youth! This would make an icon that symbolizes the generation Holland, the dynamism of the end of five years. His media quack on Canal Plus was pardoned in high places! […] But this is only rumors and conditions. It is the Prince decides. Only. And often at the last moment. ". However, it should be noted that there is also the opposite rumor going around. We announce the departure of NVB for her to invest more in Villeurbanne she is the post of MP. Do not forget, in this sense, the enigmatic statement there are some days when it stated that the overhaul is completed … Ghislaine Ottenheimer’s text refers to a "quack media on Canal Plus." It must be said that this case caused a stir during the week. Recall the facts. On the show "The supplement" Sunday afternoon on Canal Plus, the Minister who came to talk about the action against radicalization found itself placed next to the president of an Islamic humanitarian association (one of whose members is now imprisoned in Bangladesh where he was assisting the Rohingyas, a Muslim minority oppressed). Idriss Sihamedi himself as a "normal Muslim" but during the interview it was learned that he refused to shake hands with women or condemn the Islamic State. Asked to respond to this sequence, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem declines at first: "No". Then she adds "More exactly, if I really had to react, I would simply say that we must distinguish two things in my opinion: the situation in Musa (humanitarian jailed in Bangladesh, ed), who in his capacity as French national right to assistance and protection which, if I understand, it is provided by the embassy, ??and then for the rest I think it is an association that carries a way of thinking that is not mine, which I do not agree and also puts me ill at ease, honestly, on your plate, so I will add nothing. " This reaction was deemed insufficient by several columnists and commentators and to the National Assembly where the Minister was challenged by several right-wing MPs who seem to have made N. Vallaud-Beljkacem the replacement for Christiane Taubira in their determination. So much so that on Tuesday, she was forced to justify in an interview in Paris. "The interview caused a kind of bewilderment on set, says Ms. Vallaud-Belkacem, shared by all the participants and the public. My first impulse, when I was asked if I wanted to continue the discussion, was to answer "no" curtly. Because I refuse to lend myself to this game nauseating infrequentables of inviting people to buzz. I was indignant at the podium he had given him. the rest of my answer was a block rejection of remarks. " Then the National Assembly when the government questions she added "We do not debate against the enemies of the Republic, is the battle. We fight them!". In some teacher already edgy opinion on many topics, this position has caused quite strong reactions and very critical and given another opportunity to insult the Minister. "She should have …" is the refrain back in several comments. But while all critics saying "it should have done this or that" are also wondering what made them they would REALLY … Certainly I am not the Minister and citizen but to be spent sometimes on television and radio and also make regular public intervention, I know how this exercise is difficult. I happened to be destabilized during a broadcast and to have the spirit of the stairs and think afterwards that I could have / the mean … We can have the indulgence for the person (more than the Minister) and also surprised to find that this is Najat Vallaud-Belkacem takes the blows of columnists and social networks and not the pseudo-humanitarian who do not shake hands with women. .. we live in a great time … Butinages as I got into the habit, it is concluded that press review of the week by some suggested readings identified during my butinages on canvas. On the occasion of the conference organized on 28 and 29 January by the National Council for Evaluation of Educational System (Cnesco) on the integration of disabled children, the sociologist Serge Ebersold an update on their situation in France in an interview The cross. It uses a very fair formula (reflected in the title) by talking about the work of teachers for the inclusion of "heroic Housing". Enough said … In the newspaper Liberation of Monday, January 25, Dubet back again on the profoundly unequal character of the French education system: "Behind a Republican decor, uniform national school provision remains deeply unequal. The French high school costs about 30% more than its fellow OECD, students from elementary school about 20% less. Now it is in elementary school that crystallize inequalities; nearly 20% of students are in big trouble. Will we choose the elementary school and the college that must be continuation today? At a time when parents choose the institution, the industry and the options that seem the best, how to guarantee school quality such that no one interest to shun popular establishments? It is not enough to multiply the "devices" special which we are the champions, we must ensure the stability of educational teams, recognizing the difficulty of working conditions, review the teacher deployment modes. A golden legend surrounds the nostalgia of the republican school, but we can not ignore the weight of a deeply elitist school tradition. This is not to deny the formation of elite school with skills that are useful to all, but to break with a culture controlled by the production of the elite, obsessed with sorting students according to a "royal road" condemning most of them to negative directions and an endemic sense of failure and incompetence. Finally, if we really want to create learning communities, we need institutions capable of educating students, to give them a real experience of solidarity and tolerance, rather than affirming the values ??and principles, often belies school life without even knowing it. ". Pedagogy, it seems, is the art of repetition. And so did Dubet pedagogy … Several texts also offer a reflection on the teaching profession. We particularly note an article in The Conversation, which poses as the question "You want to be a teacher, you? ". The researcher Dominique Macaire (ESPE Lorraine) recalled that according to an OECD survey only 5% of students choose the profession with a slight preference for girls 3% are boys, 6% of girls. And it lists the reasons we already know to explain the unattractive remuneration, working conditions, bureaucracy … but it also questions the conditions of training and difficulty to change pedagogies. The representations of the profession and discipline are significant obstacles. She also asked whether the change in policy, it has not forgotten the reality of teachers along the way … Good Reading … Philippe Watrelot This work is licensed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License – Non-Commercial – Share in Same Conditions 3.0 France. Posted by Watrelot on Saturday, January 30, 2016

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